New Faces Old Rhetoric and Hatred

Its simply fool’s gold to suggest, as are some, that Netanyahu’s recent “about” face regarding the JSIL attempt to institute a fully segregated West Bank bus system — one that would make Rosa Park ache with pain and Bull Connor’s smile with glee– was withdrawn over principle and not political expedience. Already the most vicious and racist regime in the world, bar none, JSIL’s last minute decision to let a few indentured Palestinians who are employed at penal colony factories on stolen Palestinian land continue to ride among the “chosen” people was little more than a readily transparent effort to placate “liberal” Zionists and defuse a potentially explosive BDS related controversy- especially among the prim, proper and meek politicians of Europe. 67 years later the issue is not, after all, whether the occupied can ride in the back of buses to their segregated and isolated Bantustans while the occupiers sit up front dreaming of summer holiday in Brooklyn- that bus left the station long ago, to the chant of we shall overcome. Today nothing short of a one-state resolution with a full right of return for all Palestinians, the restoration of Quds as its capital with the complete dismantlement of Apartheid and one person, one vote, can bring peace to the Holy land. For those who fear the swift hand of justice and just deserts, truth and reconciliation commissions worked well in South Africa for all but a few of its Afrikaner war criminals and should do just fine for their Zionist counterparts.

Up the Rebels and Bless the Resistance

Stanley Cohen 22nd May 2015


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