Child of Gaza

2014 Young girl from Gaza struggles to survive after witnessing both Mum and Dad die

Before the dark and dust, hers was the world of endless dreams of boundless trust.
Invisible friends best of all, to laugh and romp till sleep-time’s call.
Before the dark and dust, life was simple- a bask of joy and ease
Mom’s hug, dads song, a race to please
little more than big brother’s tease.

How to tell a child she’s alone, all alone- like a bounce lost or shattered hope
family gone, nothing left, no help to cope.
Memories of light bright better time leave a bitter taste in childhood’s mind.
Though it fades with life’s march of time its cadence remains a broken rhyme.

There’s no greater crime than to steal the smile from a child’s face
to leave her helpless, hopeless, locked in space.
To tremble in a dusty broken room,
innocence gone far too soon.
Dazed and terrified her new found friend
darkness her only light till journey’s end.

—Stanley L Cohen


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