To the Haters

A message to the haters who, I understand, are once again jumping up and down attacking me as so much the self hater or a mere federal prisoner. Fuck you. I have found more integrity and principle in the midst of the despair and isolation of this prison then exists in all the so-called halls of justice in Tel Aviv and every other city, block and house stolen by Zionists from Palestine and Palestinians. Brooklyn calls.

Pray for Palestine, Bless the Resistance.

Oh yeh, I forget to tell you- in case you haven’t heard, this internal exile ends in a wink. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the waters of ignorance hatred and rank hasbara- it ain’t.


Up the Rebels.


6 thoughts on “To the Haters”

  1. Are those who hold a different opinion “haters?” Will an opposing comment make it through moderation? Proud to pay taxes and believe in the system despite hardships. Why do those with such hatred of the U.S. stay in the U.S.?


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