Succinct Response

Stanley was sent an article on America’s number 1 status among western democracies for police killings – The below is his succinct response

We murder what we can’t own or sell. Its the marrow that builds the bones of US arrogance and imperialism, both at “home” and abroad. Under I have a Drone JTTF’s (Joint Terrorism Task Forces) an illness long before, have become a disease that outpaces even Ebola while in its full and deadly rage. Inner cities throughout the United States have long since moved beyond testing grounds for new “creative” ways of exploiting and controlling community resources and aspirations and are now little more than deadly WB like occupation forces without the righteous resistance of kids throwing stones. On the other hand, Oprah and Moore have been able to sleep in the Lincoln bed periodically.

We live we fight we die. And if along the way the fascist state puts you in prison its a battle well fought and personal principles completely vindicated. Caged but undaunted.


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