If Rand Paul is the answer…

The body count grows throughout the Middle East and Africa spurred on by the Pentagon’s search for weapons of mass destruction every where but where they are and have been for decades- JSIL. Iraq destroyed, Libya destroyed, Syria destroyed, Yemen destroyed and the West looks to Saudia and Sisi to save the day as their own home grown repression, torture and murder grows daily. And now I Have a Drone, no longer happy with murdering US hostages, wants to play George Bush 2 or is it 3 or 7 revisited with deadly saber rattling against China. So when does Gitmo close? How many African American men have been murdered by cops? How is it that the US has less than 5% of the worlds population but 28% of its prisoners? How is it that more than 60% of all prisoners in the US are people of color in a country where they still constitute a relatively small minority ? How is it that the poverty rates in communities of color have gone up at the same time their higher education rates have dropped and inner City Amerika looks like one fucking military base after another. Oh sure, another Clinton will save the day. Hey Texas, still want to make it easier for anyone to ride around with a handgun strapped to their waist? If Rand Paul is the answer we have stopped asking the right questions. Next.


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